Frequently Asked Questions: What they ask about FastSum

Do you plan to release a version for Linux, Unix or MacOS?

When we were working on FastSum for Windows we wanted it to be the fast and powerful utility for checksums verification that uses MD5 popular algorithm, which already is a standard de facto on the other platforms. We wonted FastSum to satisfy all needs and to be easy to use.

We were also sure that our experience in Windows application development would be enough to attain excellent results, and we would be able to proud in helping the user to solve his problem effectively.

To create a really fast and qualitative product for other platforms, such as Linux, Unix or MacOS, it is necessary to have very much experience in programming for these platforms. That is why we do not promise such new versions in the nearest future. We do not wont to release a product until we are sure that it is the best and the most manageable.

The project is suppose to be called FastSum, isn’t it :-)


Free Download! The two integrity checkers based on cryptographic approved MD5 checksum algorithm in the one package!